Year 1: Weekly round up – Happy Easter!

We’ve had a fun finish to the term here in Year 1. This week has been all about Easter. We started the week listening to the Easter story and talking about why we celebrate this special time of year. We also talked about some of the things we see at Easter and what they symbolise. We then moved on to making some special Easter baskets which we would use to bring home some yummy chocolate nests! We added the finishing touches today with some chocolate eggs and a chick.

In Maths we continued to work on counting on but also had a go at counting back as well. We looked at both the take away sign and the add sign so we knew which way we needed to jump along the number line. In phonics we have been learning the ‘er’ sound by playing ‘er’ Bingo which was a lot of fun. We also finished our Beanstalk diaries this week as the beanstalk have come home with the children today. The pots they are in can be planted straight into the ground if you so wish. If you do continue growing them, please take a picture on Seesaw as I’d love to see how tall they have grown!

Thursday was Values day where we focused on the value of ‘Forgiveness’. We made some forgiveness fingers and wrote ways we can forgive each other on each digit. The children had some lovely ideas including talking to each other, listening and even giving someone a hug. Speaking of hugs, in the afternoon we made some ‘hugs’ by writing or drawing a person we had forgiven on a heart. We then stuck the heart on a design of ourselves and wrapped the arms round to give that person a hug to show we had forgiven them.

Today we finished the week off by having an exciting Easter egg hunt! We had lots of fun searching for the eggs up at forest school. Each egg contained a small chocolate for the children to enjoy.

Have a fabulous Easter break everyone! Have a well earned rest and try not to eat too much chocolate…… a big ask I know. I am sure you’ll be excited when you see our next topic. We are travelling back in time to see some prehistoric animals! Can you guess what they are? It is going to be ROARSOME!

Mr Hall and Ms Scott