Year 1: Weekly round up

A busy week here in Year 1! This week we have writing Autumn words on the leaves we painted last week. Some of us even wrote a few words in Cymraeg which was excellent! We have also been looking at some of the jobs we might find and see around our local area. We than talked about what job we might like to do when we’re older before recording our thoughts on our work sheet. There were plenty who wanted to be Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Doctors and Nurses and even the odd Teacher. Can you remember what you picked Year 1? We also had our first go at logging on to Hwb and creating an Autumn picture using ICT. There were some excellent leaves, conkers and plenty of hedgehogs! In PE we have been practicing our catching and throwing. We tried using large balls, small balls and bean bags to see which we thought was the easiest to throw and catch. We decided that the large ball the best for both throwing and catching. In Maths, we started the week having a look at doubling numbers to 5. However, I was very impressed to see that most children were able to double numbers to 10! Da iawn! We have also started to look at one more and one less for numbers up to 20. Children did really well with this task and quickly grasped the strategy of using a number line to help them if they got stuck. In Phonics we finished off our work of making words that contained the ‘ng’ sound. Then later in the week we went on a ‘Snail hunt’ around the classroom to find words that contained the ‘ai’ sound. We thought that ‘ai’ was a pretty could sound to learn considering the amount of ‘rain’ we have had today! The children have really enjoyed their lesson with Mrs McCaffrey and have been making Autumn moving scarecrows. They will be finishing those off next week. 

Have a lovely weekend Year 1! You’ve all been working so hard, you do us all proud! 

Stay dry and safe and we’ll see you all again on Monday.

Mr Hall and Miss Scott.