Year 1: Weekly round up

Another brill week here in Year 1! We started the week looking at recycling. We sorted out different items into different types of recycling. Some things were made of plastic, some made of paper and some things were metal. We also found out that somethings could be reused by someone else. So those things we could pass on or donate to charity. Later in the week we listened to the ‘Parable of the Sower’ and crafted some excellent plates that told the story. In Maths we continued our work on 2D shapes and focused on the different attributes each shape had. We then sat in a circle and had a go at sorting them using a Ven diagram. The children did really well with this and were able to pick lots of different attributes to help organise them. In Phonics we finished of looking at ‘th’ words and had a go at making words using the ‘ng’ sound. Today we have been painting leaves in Autumn colours which we will then use to write Autumn words on next week. Everyone has been working really hard and have definitely earned a nice relaxing weekend! Da iawn! 

See you all again on Monday! 

Mr Hall and Miss Scott