Year 1: Weekly round up

Da iawn pawb on another busy week in Year 1!  

This week in Maths we have been busy looking for the missing number to complete our sums. We used pebbles and number lines to help us solve each problem. Today, we also learnt about 2D shapes and played a game of ‘What am I?’ to help us learn the differences between each one. We then went on a shape hunt around the classroom to see which ones we could find. As it was Harvest Festival last week, this week we talked about and then wrote a pray to God to say what we were thankful for. The children came up with some lovely and thoughtful ideas that included friends and family, places we liked going and of course the various foods we like to eat. Even teachers got a mention in some of them! Tree Top Thursday was lots of fun this week where we created some lovely Land Art. You can see this on the previous post. In phonics we’ve been looking at ‘ch’ and ‘th’ and thinking about word we can find those sounds in. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend Year 1! See you next week. 

Mr Hall and Miss Scott