Year 1: Weekly round up

This week in Year 1 we have been finishing off our Dinosaur topic which we have all really enjoyed. We have especially liked making dinosaurs in our building area, digging for fossils in our dig site and writing about dinosaurs in our writing station. We started this week by sorting dinosaurs into different groups. We learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and then looked at different dinosaurs to try and find out which they were. We also thought of our own groups to sort them into such as ‘walks on 4 legs’, ‘walks on 2 legs’ or ‘can choose either’. In Phonics we have been practicing a new sound ‘ear’ and trying to figure out if words were real or alien words. On Friday we read a dinosaur poem called Seeing the Dinosaur. We listened out for rhyming words that ended in the same sound such as ‘stomp’ and chomp’ and highlighted each pair. Thursday was an exciting day when we visited Mrs Thomas in Year 2. We had a fab day meeting our new teacher for next year, seeing the classroom and the fantastic new areas we will get to use. I know we’re all feeling much more confident about moving up in September. Next week we will launch our final topic ‘Pirates and the Seaside’. I know the children are really going to enjoy the topic and will really enhance their visit the Seaquarium which is coming up soon!

Have a fantastic weekend Year 1!

Mr Hall, Mrs Cheetham and Miss Powell