Year 1: Weekly round up

This week in Year 1 we have had lots of fun making our very own fossils! We made some salt dough using flour, salt and water and enjoyed mixing it together with are hands. We thought it felt a bit like mash potato! We pressed our chosen dinosaur artefact into the salt dough which left an imprint. We baked the dough to make it hard and painted it with some PVA glue to make it shiny. The children loved this activity, they all did really well helping to measure out the ingredients and mixing them all together. Da iawn pawb!

In maths we have been working out which numbers were missing from between two numbers. This was tricky but we had number squares to help us. Later in the week we also had a go at halving numbers and made sure there was equal amounts in both halves. In Phonics we have been learning about the ‘oi’ sound. We played a sorting game and had to figure out which words had the ‘oi’ sound and which words had the ‘ow’ sound. We have also been learning about similes and comparing dinosaur features to other similar things. One of my favourites was “As mighty as a monster!”. We have also been matching dinosaur skeletons to the correct dinosaur as well as labelling dinosaur pictures using words to identify the different body parts. The children also had a great time playing Kinball. We couldn’t believe how big the Kinballs inflated too! It was super fun playing the different games and trying to keep the ball in the air. The children have worked really hard this week so a super well done all of them.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Hopefully this lovely sunshine continues.

Mr Hall, Mrs Cheetham, Miss Powell