Year 1: Weekly round up

This week has been an exciting week in Year 1! We’ve had lots of exciting things happen, not just the snow!

We had our video message from our Jungle Explorer which has been the highlight! We all really enjoyed watching and listening to it which led us writing about our favourite jungle thing! As expected, many of us liked the different types of animals that the explorer had shown us.

In Maths we have been working on our number bonds to 10. To start with we sat in a circle with 10 pebbles in the middle. We found that we could separate these pebbles in to two different numbers that still added up to 10 in total. We all had a go at trying to make two different numbers that made 10. We then wrote down as many as we could think of in our books. Mr Hall was so pleased to see everyone trying their best and some of our work was really neat and tidy. Da iawn!

This week in our Phonics lessons we have been learning about the letter ‘x’. Not many words start with this letter sound, but lots finish with it! We scratched our heads, but with some help from our friend Geraldine Giraffe, we managed to think of the number six, fox and ox! Well done Year 1!

For our final topic lesson this week we had a fun trying to find out where some jungles and rainforests were in the world. We started off by finding the school on Google Earth so that we had some perspective on how far away they all were. We then found the Amazon which apparently you can buy all sorts of things from….. But I think we were getting a little confused with the online shop rather than the rainforest! We also found Madagascar which it turns out is more than just a Disney film. Everyone was really enthusiastic looking at Google Earth and the Atlas books so well done everyone!