Year 1: Tree Top Thursday

What a fun and muddy start we’ve had to Tree Top Thursday! We first all enjoyed some lovely ice lollies to help cool us down after a busy lunchtime before getting stuck into today’s session. What a treat! Our topic this term is going to be ‘Autumn and our Local Area’ (Launch day coming soon!). So, today’s investigation was to see if we could find any signs that Autumn was on its way. We talked about which colours we associate with Autumn and then went off exploring around our forest school area to see what we could find. We think summer has had a bit of a comeback this week so green is still the easiest to find whilst red was the hardest. We will repeat this exercise in a few weeks’ time and see if green is still the easiest. Perhaps by then some of the other colours will be in easier to spot. The children were really enthusiastic about finding something for each colour and enjoyed trying to match what they’d found to the different shades, da iawn pawb!

Mr Hall and Miss Scott