Year 1: Topic Launch – Superheroes!

Calling all Year 1 children, Dewi needs your help!  

Today Dewi, our class dragon, had gone missing! We needed to become Superheroes to help find and rescue him. But what Superpowers would we need? Before we set off, we had a discussion about which Superpowers would be useful to aid in the rescue. Some of us decided we needed Super Flying in case he’s somewhere high. Some of us needed Super Strength to fight off any bad guys. Some of us needed Super Vision so we can see where Dewi was. What power did you pick? 

If we were going to be Superheroes, we needed to look the part! Before setting off, we all got ready in capes and masks before taking to the playground to see if we could find our missing dragon. We searched in the classroom and on the Foundation Stage playground, but sadly he was nowhere to be seen…. Then we tried on the KS2 playground. We searched high and low and eventually…… We found him! He had managed to get stuck in one of the wooden huts windows. We soon rescued him and returned him to the classroom. Phew! 

Later, we recorded our adventure on a ‘Superhero Incident Form’. We had to date it with today’s date, write the location of the rescue and describe what had happened. We all did excellent with our writing and drew a fab picture. Da iawn pawb!