Year 1: Topic Launch – Jack and the Beanstalk

What an exciting day we have had in Year 1! Today we discovered something growing outside our classroom! What could it be and why was it there? We went outside to investigate. We found a huge beanstalk that stretched up to the clouds! We could see that it led to a castle at the top, but who could live there? We also found a hen with a golden egg, a golden harp and some gold coins. What did all this mean? We went back inside and listened to the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and learnt that this was our new topic for this half term. All the different items we had found were from the story. It was the Giants things that we had found and he lived in the castle!

After the story we spent some time discussing who we thought was in the wrong, Jack or the Giant? Some thought the Giant was wrong for chasing Jack and for being so mean. Whilst some decided Jack was wrong for taking the Giants things. Lots of the children said both had done things wrong and came up with the lovely idea that perhaps Jack and the Giant could share the things. Mr Hall thought that sounded like a good idea.

Then, this afternoon we planted our very own magic beans! We put some compost in a pot along with a stick for the beanstalk to grow up. We then planted the beans in the compost and watered it to help it grow. We also coloured in a castle which we will attach to the top of our sticks for our beanstalks to grow towards. What a really enjoyable day it has been for all of us! Year 1 have worked really hard and we are all looking forward to see how tall our beanstalks grow! Da iawn pawb!