Year 1: A surprise visitor! 🦔

As I’m sure you’ll know by now, we had a surprise visitor come to visit one of our outside areas yesterday. The children were very excited at the discover a hedgehog had found its way into our wooden tipi looking for food or perhaps somewhere to shelter. It just so happens that Monday afternoons lesson was all about animals that hibernate! So maybe the hedgehog was on the lookout for a suitable spot for the big sleep. One by one, we all had a quick look but made sure we were extra quiet as we didn’t want to frighten it. However, upon closer inspection we discovered the hedgehog had managed to tangle itself in the tipi’s netting. Thankfully we were able to free it and release the hedgehog back into the forest behind the school without any harm or damage. The children had decided to name the hedgehog Sonic and we were all pleased that it had snuffled its way back into the undergrowth. We hope Sonic has a good sleep over the winter months. 🦔