Reception: Topic launch!

We have definately noticed a change in the weather these past few days it’s been so wet and windy. But luckily the sun came out for our visit to our garden for Welly Weds. 
 Most surprisingly we also spotted a draenog (hedgehog)! 🦔🦔🦔
He was hiding in the garden. He had come to tell us all about Autumn and had a special story to share with us. We helped find lots more fallen leaves for Mr. Draenog to make a nest, which had blown off the trees. Mrs. Phoenix even knew a song she taught us about him! 
 He’s come back down to class with us now and found a cosy spot to sleep in our Book Nook. Mr. Draenog will help us more in the coming weeks, discover all about Autumn time! It’s going to be very interesting, we just can’t wait to find out more. 🦔🐿️🍁🍂🍄🕸️
St. Mary’s CIW Primary School,