News: Year 3 are selling bracelets!


Next week pupils in Year 3 will be selling African themed bracelets they have made!

There will be a table set up in the canteen next Tuesday (11th) from 3pm, with all of the bracelets priced at £1 each.

Each Year 3 pupil will have priority to buy one of their bracelets.This means you are guaranteed to buy a bracelet your child has made. The rest will be put on a table in the canteen for general sale, meaning parents of a pupil in any class may buy one. Please note, for parents of younger children these bracelets contain small parts.

After visiting Chester Zoo, pupils decided that the money raised will go towards sponsoring an animal native to Africa from Chester Zoo. As a result, we will be helping fund conservation work in the UK and all around the world! The children are really excited at the thought of making this happen. Doing this has also helped develop pupils entrepreneurial skills, something we all consider of great importance!

Thank you,

Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton