News: ‘Loose parts’

We are hoping to collect some ‘loose parts’ for use in Foundation and some examples of ‘loose parts’ are items such as buttons, empty coffee pods, cotton reels, bangles, corks, egg cups, old keys, pans, small spanners, odd bits of crockery, scarves, hats etc that are not needed any more. 
Using these in play will provide a rich, sensory environment and will release a child’s creativity, enrich their learning experience and will help with using their imagination, learning and thinking.  Using ‘loose parts’ can be open ended and it is up to the child how to use them. They will develop to become curious, active learners.
Any support in helping us to collect some items that are not needed any more would be greatly appreciated😊. If you can help, please send into school for the attention of Mrs Golby or Mrs Phoenix.

I have attached some photos of examples of ‘loose parts’.

Many thanks

Mrs Golby and Mrs Phoenix