News: End of Term

Dear Parents
A few last minute pieces of information.
You may have seen in the press, the First Minister has given schools two planning days in January, these will be used to amend our covid 19 risk assessment and procedures.  This will not affect the return date for pupils. Pupils will return to school on Monday 10th January as planned. We will be using our two training days (6 and 7 January 2022) as planning days and will rearrange the training days later in the academic year. Once the date of these training dates has been confirmed, we will inform you in January and will update the calendar on our website.
If your child tests positive for Covid 19 over the Christmas break, we ask you to email school with the details, just for our information. These will then be picked up on our return to school. You will obviously be working with Track and Trace and if you require any information please contact 119.
I wish to take this opportunity to say a “big thank you” for your continued support and cooperation over the last term, we are very lucky and really appreciate it. I am sure you would want to join me in thanking the staff who have worked very hard and made sure the children have not missed out on anything. Fingers crossed we will see you all Monday January 10th. Have a lovely Christmas holiday and stay safe.
Mrs Booth