Year 6: Weekly round-up/The week ahead

Pupils have enjoyed using their ICT skills to find and present information this week. They have been producing biographies of famous people that are campaigning to help our planet, such as Greta Thunberg, Mark Ruffalo and Emma Watson. #EthicalInformedCitizens.
Next week, we will continue to work on our landscape artwork, adding rubbings to create a collage. They are coming along nicely and are helping us to appreciate the beauty of ein byd. 
We will present information on fossil fuels and renewable sources of energy, with pupils deciding how they will present their findings from research. 
We will also share a story, ‘The Photo Album,’ We will become journalists, noting questions for the characters of the story and will also do some hot seating. #HealthyConfidentIndividuals.
We are hoping to make our own recycled paper next week. If you should have any empty egg boxes at home that you can spare, please bring them in to school by Wednesday next week. Diolch!
*PE – IMPORTANT CHANGE TO PE DAY – PE will change to a Tuesday until further notice. Please can pupils come to school in PE kit on Tuesday as of next week, INSTEAD of Thursday. In addition, next Tuesday’s planned team building activity will involve water – please bear in mind that pupils might get wet! Please do not buy anything especially, but should they have waterproofs, these would be great. Pupils will be reminded of this on Monday.
Homework is to continue with our recycling mini project. We have been so impressed with the items pupils have made so far! Although pupils have until November 15th to complete this, they can of course bring them into school as soon as they are done. Details of the mini project are on our Google Classroom. #EnterprisingCreativeContributors.
Have a lovely weekend all!
Mrs Burgess, Mrs Bateman and Mr Kuiper