Year 6: week beginning 17 May

Pnawn da pawb,
I am very proud of how hard everyone worked last week on their character studies based on ‘The Snow Spider’.  We started our learning on the national Parks of Wales on Friday.  Everyone chose how to work and present their information.  We will carry on with this Monday and Tuesday.  For our Class Reader, we will be writing a short conversation, with a focus on showing how we feel.  On Thursday, we will have a look at our liquids, perfume, water and oil to see which has evaporated the quickest.  
For our maths focus this week, we will be working on volume and finding the area of triangles and parallelograms. 
We will be doing P.E. as usual tomorrow. 
Don’t forget to bring in your reading books tomorrow and make sure that your homework is completed on Google Classroom.  

See you all tomorrow,

Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Bateman and Mrs Leighton.