Year 6: Trip to Wrexham Museum/Topic Launch

We had a fabulous trip to Wrexham Museum today to launch our new topic, ‘Rhyfel a Heddwch,’ meaning ‘War and Peace.’ We were dropped off at Wrexham train station, where we were met by an air raid warden called Miss Eleri. We imagined that we had arrived by train from Liverpool and were evacuees. 
      We then walked to the museum. Miss Eleri explained that the Wetherspoons near the museum used to be called Majestic Cinema and many evacuees from Liverpool were taken there to meet their host families. 
      Then, we had our workshop. We found out about why World War II began and heard the speech from the then Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. We looked at lots of artefacts: Evacuee suitcases and contents, different gas masks and clothing. We filled in our own Identification Cards, which every person had to carry with them at all times during World War II.
      We had the chance to go into an air raid shelter – it was very dark, cold and damp. We also found out about the rationing of clothes and foods.

Our visit to the Museum gave us lots of ideas of what we would like to learn more about, and we shared these using Padlet back in class. A huge DA IAWN to all pupils once again for their excellent behaviour and participation on our trip today. You did St Mary’s proud!