Year 6: Topic launch

Today, we have launched our new topic, ‘Rhyfel a Heddwch,’ which means ‘War and Peace.’ 
We were quietly working when a siren sounded. We were confused! We had to keep calm. We attached labels to ourselves with our personal information on and decided which items we would pack in our suitcase. We then became evacuees. 
We went outside and imagined that we were on a train, heading for our new temporary homes. We didn’t know how long we would be there for, or exactly who we would be staying with. We discussed how difficult it would be to leave our parents, not knowing whether we would see them again. The pupils were very mature and made some thoughtful responses. 
We realised that this is a familiar situation for people in our world today. We discussed the conflict in Ukraine and how many people are now refugees, fleeing to other countries and leaving possessions and often loved ones behind. #EthicalInformedCitizens
Back in class, we thought about some ‘big questions.’ We added our thoughts to a jamboard and recorded video responses using Flipgrid. We also used padlet to share our ideas for learning activities linked to our new topic. #AmbitiousCapableLearners