Year 6: The end of the week/The week ahead

Year 6 pupils have enjoyed using their creative skills this week and have done lots of sketching and printing with paints. They did this to explore our big question, ‘How can we capture movement?’  They have also worked collaboratively to create animations using stop motion. The used stop motion to create a fitness video, adding music and displaying positive messages about being active.
Pupils also presented information about air and water resistance, using pupil power to decide how to present it. Some pupils used Adobe, whilst others used MS Word. They also inserted hyperlinks and useful diagrams. Next week, we will investigate air resistance further, as well as exploring the force of magnetism.
Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week and this will be the focus of our worships. We will also think about being mindful and staying active, as these are some of the 5 ways to wellbeing. We will have PE on Tuesday and our session with Liam on Wednesday too.
Homework this week is a Maths sheet on multiplying fractions. Next week in Maths, we will also be dividing fractions, before moving on to working with 7-digit numbers.
Tuesday is Safer Internet Day. We will be discussing how to stay safe online and whether we “know” or “know of” people online.
Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Burgess, Mrs Edwards, Mr Kennard