Year 6: The end of the week/Our final week

We have had a very busy week in Year 6 this week. Pupils have been busy completing their cuddly toys for an evacuee. #EtherprisingCreativeContributors
We have spent time rehearsing our Leaver’s Service too – this will take place next Thursday, 14th at 1:30pm in our School Hall. Parents/family members are still invited as previously mentioned. We look forward to welcoming you to school to celebrate the end of Blwyddyn 6’s St Mary’s journey. 
We finished reading ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ this week too. We enjoyed writing a diary entry from the point of view of a refugee from the story, imagining how it would feel to be far from home and family. #EthicalInformedCitizens.

We have also created leaflets about Judaism, used to sum up what we have been learning about in recent RE lessons. 

We are looking forward to next week! From Monday to Wednesday, a group of our pupils will be off to Nant BH for three days of fun and adventure! Please refer to email sent following the information meeting for details if needed, but here are a few reminders too, based on some questions from pupils this week:
*Accompanying the pupils will be Mrs Burgess, Mr Hall and Mrs Williams. 
*Small suitcases on wheels are fine, provided the pupils can carry/pull them themselves.
*Not too many sweets/snacks please as we want to avoid pupils becoming ill whilst we are away, so that they can fully enjoy the experience. 
*No phones are allowed. Any contact will be made by school if needed. 
*School uniform is not required. 
The forecast is suggesting that the weather will be HOT! Please do pack some sun cream and a sun hat/cap. Any medicines, including those for hay fever if needed, must be labelled and handed to staff on Monday morning. Thank you. We will be leaving between 9:30-10 on Monday and should return between 2:30-3 on Wednesday. We will text parents with a more precise time on the day of departure. 
Pupils will be supervised at school and are aware of the activities they will take part in. They have planned fun tasks that they would like to complete. 
Leaver’s Service (see info above)
School reports will be sent home for the Year 6 pupils.

FRIDAY – FUN DAY! This will be a great day of fun, partying and enjoying our last day together as Blwyddyn 6.Please remember that there is no need to book a school dinner for Friday as the school will pay for the Year 6 dinners on this day.  Mrs Conlan is giving the children a choice between Pizza or a Burger for their dinner.

This week’s homework is to get plenty of rest and make sure you are ready for the week ahead! 
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Burgess, Mr Kuiper and Mrs Bateman.