Year 6: Safer Internet Day 2023

8DF268E4-FA8D-4F5E-9CE4-42A81644A6FF.jpeg5F9F89B8-0469-448D-9F18-2ABA38B63B7E.jpegAfter listening to PC Hulley yesterday, we have been learning more about how to stay safe online. We recapped the ages for using certain games and social media platforms. We then considered people that we know, or know of online. We discussed ‘Snapchat’ as an example. Sometimes, people may request to be our “friend” on such platforms, but all we might see of them is a bitmoji (not a photograph) and a username (not their real, full name). We discussed whether or not we should accept these people as “friends.” 
We also talked about how some people want as many “friends” or “followers” on social media as possible, and why they might want this. We decided that even though a person might have lots of online “friends,” it doesn’t mean that they truly know or are friends with these people.
We chose two people that we know offline (e.g. family members or friends) and two that we only know online (e.g. you tubers, influencers). We wrote as much about these people as we could, showing what we know about them. Then, we asked, “Do we KNOW these people, or KNOW OF them.”