Year 6: Our first week back/The week ahead

We have enjoyed our first week of the Spring Term, launching our new topic, ‘Symud,’ and being very active.
We have started to think about how things move, thinking about forces, such as gravity, pushes and pulls.
We have also enjoyed trying to capture movement, at first using a posable mannequin and sketching it in detail.
We were also happy to see our posters attached to bollards, ready to be put in our car park to help keep everyone safe and enjoyed our very informative session with PC Hulley today, discussing drugs that are medicines, legal and illegal. 

Next week, we will be finding out more about gravity, carrying out research and weighing objects in newtons. We will use our research to write an explanation text. 
We will also begin to investigate forces, using spinning coins and elastic bands. 
We will continue to develop our sketching skills, by sketching expressions and sequences. 

In Maths, we will finish working on division strategies for the time being and move on to adding and subtracting fractions, including those with different denominators. We will also be problem solving in order to complete multi-step problems.

We will revisit the story of Cain and Abel and use this as inspiration for letter writing. We will also continue to explore what it means to be ‘multilingual,’ finding out ways to say hello in different languages. 
Homework is to complete some division problems (pupils have been given this on paper). Reading books have been sent home too. PE will be on both Tuesday and Wednesday next week. We are hoping to do Tuesday’s PE outdoors, weather permitting.

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Burgess Mrs Edwards Mr Kennard