Year 6: Our Community Project

585C0602-E230-4732-9070-DAC1B96F7337.jpegAs part of our ‘Ein Byd’ topic, we have been discussing our local community and the issues that we have noticed e.g litter, anti-social behaviour. The pupils made posters, that were designed to help stop these issues that they had identified. 
The posters were so good, that we had an idea! We could investigate having the posters professionally made by a printing company. We would need to see how much this would cost and think about possible fund-raising activities to cover the cost. We would also need to ask the permission of our Community Council, to see whether we could actually display the posters around the village of Ruabon.
We have made so much progress this week! Every pupil has written a letter to the Community Council and these have been sent. We await a response, but are very hopeful!
We then needed someone to contact a local printing company. Who else to do this, but one of our pupils! All willing pupils pitched their “phone call” to the class. We held a vote and one of our pupils made a telephone call from Mrs Booth’s office. She spoke so politely and did an excellent job of explaining what it was that we needed help with. 
Today,  a member of staff from that same local printing company visited us in class. All pupils showed her their poster designs with pride! She was very impressed and explained to us the process of printing the posters and making them weather-proof for us. Pupils requested a quote, and she has already sent it to us via email. She has even very kindly offered a discount, as she was so impressed by the passion the pupils have, to improve their local community. 
What an exciting week! We are so proud of the passion, creativity and determination of our Year 6s. Watch this space!