Year 6: Hoodies

As we are unable to do our usual glass workshops for our Year 6 leavers this year we have decided to purchase the leaver hoodies for all the Year 6 children.  We will be using the supplier that we have used in previous years.  As we will not have samples in school we are not able to give further information about sizes.
We have attached the two links for the hoodies. The first being the children’s colours and sizes and the second is the adults.  Please have a look at the links and decide on the size and colour – do not place the order as we will do it from school.
Please email school [email protected] by Wednesday 24th March with the colour and size required.  Please also confirm that you are happy for your child’s first name to appear on the hoodie.  We need this permission in order to comply with GDPR.   If you are unable to email school, please provide all the information above in writing to school by Wednesday 24th March.