Year 6: Home learning week beginning 11 January

Bore da.   I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for working so hard last week using Google Classroom. Well done to you, I am very proud of you all.   This week, before you start your tasks, can you check all previous tasks are finished and have not got any outstanding questions.  Please check all Maths, DT review, The Good Samaritan (modern retelling) and dilemmas. This week, our focus for Maths is volume, area of triangles and subtraction methods. Our topic work this week links together, so please do the activities in order. On Monday and Tuesday our focus is looking at the news and writing a script.  The second task is split up over 3 days, so we can focus on extending our responses.  Please watch the video first as it explains what to do each day.  We will be writing descriptions.   We look forward to seeing all your work this week.  Keep up the hard work. Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Bateman

Mrs R. Hodkinson

St Mary’s Church in Wales