Year 6: Home learning 1 February

Bore da pawb, I hope that you are all ok.  Diolch for all your work last week.  I am very proud of how hard you are all working.  Thank you to all our Y6 pupils and their family members who are helping them. Before starting your work for the week, please check if there is any missing work.   This week, our focus for Maths is square number, factors and prime numbers.  I have set a Friday Feast too, which uses a range of maths we have been using.   Today is our final poem session.  It is based on a Ted Hughes poem called Amulet. We will then be spending the rest of the week focusing on writing a story.  Each day, we will write another part of our story.  Please make sure that you hand in your story each day.  We will make suggestions and hand it back for the following day.   Thursday is our Values Day, compassion.  I will be sharing a story called ‘The Can Man’.  You can use this week as an opportunity to find ways to show kindness to others. image-4.jpg
As always, Mrs Bateman, Mrs Leighton and myself are online during school hours to help you with your work.   Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Bateman and Mrs Leighton