Year 6: Easter fun!

Egg-stra special Maths!

As we have been working on writing and plotting coordinates in our Maths sessions this week, we enjoyed playing an egg-cellent game today in Maths! A little like the traditional game ‘Battleships,’ we placed Easter eggs on a grid and worked in pairs, seeing who could locate the hidden eggs first! We had to write the coordinates on whiteboards and hold them up for our partner. 
Our reward for finding the hidden eggs was to go outside and find actual hidden eggs!
The Easter story

We have heard the Easter story in worship this week, told from different perspectives. We have prayed for a happy and peaceful Easter. We also enjoyed watching Blwyddyn 2 performing their class worship all about Easter too.
Easter craft

We have designed and made moving toys on an Easter theme. The pupils used a variety of skills: from sketching and labelling, to measuring and cutting. assembling and strengthening. There was some perseverance and problem solving required, but the finished toys work well and look superb! As we have been thinking about the G in ‘MAGIC’ this term, meaning Giving, we have suggested that Blwyddyn 6 will gift their creations to someone at home.
Easter cards

The pupils also enjoyed a calm afternoon, creating beautiful Easter cards with Mrs McCaffrey and Mr Kennard.