Year 6: 8 Mehefin

Bore da all,
I hope you are all well and feeling positive.  I have included an investigation for Science to focus on scientific skills ready for September. Please remember to complete previous work before starting this as the assignments need to be done in order.
  1.   Maths – decide if numbers divide by 2,4,8.  Please watch the video first.
  2. I have read Chapter 1 of our Class Reader book, even though there is no written work, if it gives you the option please hand it in so I know you have read it.
  3. Winston Churchill – look at the photos and answer the questions.
  4. Science – there are 3 videos, please watch in order. It will help you plan an investigation ‘In which location will the water evaporate the quickest.’
Look forward to seeing your work.
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Bateman.