Year 6: 8 Gorffennaf

Bore da,
I hope you are all well.  I am really looking forward to seeing you next week.  So far, the weather is looking good for Monday and Tuesday.  I have enjoyed reading your memories.  If you haven’t uploaded them for me, please do this today.  Also, remember to bring in your World War 2 projects on Monday.  Please finish all previous tasks ready for Monday too.
  1. Maths – ratio.  Please watch the video first and then there are separate activities for each group.
  2. Friend or Foe  – listen to chapter 6 and then make predictions about what might happen next.
  3. Science – there are 2 separate tasks – an investigation for dissolving and another called using sieve, filter paper or evaporation.  Please read the instructions carefully to make sure that you complete the dissolving work in the right order.
  4. R.E. – listen to the story of Saul and write an interview with Saul.

Remember we are here to help as always.

Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Bateman

Mrs R. Hodkinson

St Mary’s Church in Wales