Year 6: 6 Gorffennaf

  1. Bore da pawb,
How are you? I hope you are looking forward to next week, we will have a great couple of days.
  1.   Maths – fractions, decimals and percentages.  Please watch the video first and then complete the task.
  2. Listen to Chapter 5.
  3. After reading the chapter, I would like you to write a letter home, explaining what you have been doing and asking for advice.
  4. History- I have set 2 tasks.  Firstly, reading blackout posters and producing your own and then  thinking about what World War 2 was like for children.
  5. Science – recapping our concepts from the last couple of weeks and producing a concept map – please watch the video first.

Remember when you come in next week, I will expect to see your projects.

Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Bateman and Mrs Leighton.