Year 6: 25 Ebrill

Pnawn da pawb.
I hope that you all have enjoyed another sunny weekend.
I am very proud of how well you are all doing with our long multiplications.  We will be carrying on with these for a couple of days.  Following this, we will be ordering and adding/subtracting positive and negative numbers.
In Science, we will be doing a few group work tasks, including measuring the length of a spring as we add on weights and finding the impact of changing the size of a parachute as it falls. 
In Welsh, we will be thinking about reasons we can give for likes and dislikes.  In R.E., we will be looking at the books in the Bible.
As promised, we will be doing lots of Art this week, including sketching sporting expressions, printing and papier mache.  We will be starting our papier mache tomorrow, so remember that we have moved P.E. to Tuesday this week.
Don’t forget your reading books tomorrow and remember to check your timeline homework on Google Classroom.
 See you all tomorrow,
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Bateman and Mrs Leighton.