Year 6: 17 Mehefin

 Bore da pawb.
I hope that you are all feeling ok.  It is always lovely to have messages from you all.  Remember that you can put messages to the whole class on the ‘stream’ on Google Classroom.  Perhaps you could tell us what you have been doing in the last week.  
  1.  Firstly, please complete previous tasks as they need to be done in order.
  2. Maths – multiples are numbers in times tables e.g 7,14….  Please watch the video first and then complete the activity.
  3. During chapter 1 and 2 in Friend and Foe, the boys are evacuated. Write a set of child friendly instructions so evacuees would know what would be happening to them.
  4. Science- I have shared the results from the investigation- please write a conclusion setting it out the same as last week.
  5. History – rationing questions.

Remember we are here to help and are looking forward to seeing your work.

Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Bateman and Mrs Leighton.😄