Year 5: Weekly update

Hello everyone,
We are having a great week and the pupils have been trying so hard. I am extremely proud of them!
Our theme for class worship this week is peace. We have been taking part in different activities looking at when we feel peaceful and what peach feels like for us. Tomorrow they will be adding their ideas from today onto a small paper dove to make a new display, I will post a photograph when completed.
In maths this week we are focussing on different methods and strategies for subtraction. So far we have been practising using column subtraction and they are all doing very well.
In spelling this week we looked at how verbs change when ‘ing’ is added. In class reader we have read our next chapter and are completing a piece of writing about how to recognise a witch.
We are learning about the church in RE. This week we discussed how churches are different to other buildings. Pupils were shown parts of different buildings and they had to use their imaginations to draw the rest of the building and predict what type it was. The class were shocked when I revealed that they were actually ALL churches!
In Welsh we revised colours and have also learned some new words for different patterns which they will see when we read our first Welsh book.
Our topic this term is water. So far, the class have carried out two investigations where they demonstrated a range on literacy, numeracy and science skills. Today we started to look at the water cycle. We learned and performed a song with actions to help us remember the different processes. It was good fun!
On Thursday afternoons we have PE and PSD. Could I remind you all to continue to send pupils into school wearing kit, thank you.
In PSD we are learning about democracy and in PE our focus this half-term is team building. If we can teach PE outside, we will, otherwise it will be taught indoors.
In science we are learning about the earth and beyond. This week we will we looking at the map of the world and learning about climate zones.
*A note about home reading books. From tomorrow, these will be sent home each Thursday and it is very important that they are returned each Monday. They will be put into a box and put to one side before I can read any comments and change them if needed on the following Thursday. I know this is a different way of doing it but we would be very grateful of your support so that we can still send reading books but do so in a safe way.
*Homework: This will be set up through Google Classroom. Pupils will be informed in class when an activity has been posted.
Well done for a fantastic start to the week and I am looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow,
Miss Harper