Year 5: Week beginning 4th July

Pnawn da,
I hope that you all have had a good weekend.  Everyone worked so hard on their character analysis of Finn and Charlie, I was very impressed.  On Monday, we will be learning about how to keep safe in water.  After looking at examples of poems, we will be creating poems about rivers.  We will be finishing percentages at the start of the week, followed by negative numbers and features of 2d/3d shapes.  Everyone is enjoying sharing our story, we will read a couple of chapters Wednesday to Friday.  In Science, we will continue learning about evaporation and condensation through investigations, starting with finding out which evaporates the quickest – oil, water or perfume.  
Please make sure you bring in your presentations if you would like to run for School Council on Tuesday.  P.E. will be on Tuesday as usual and swimming on Thursday.  Reading books and Maths homework (on paper) are due on Wednesday, try to make sure that books are finished as we will not be sending books home again.
See you all tomorrow.
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Edwards.