Year 5: Week beginning 28 March

Pnawn da pawb!
I hope everyone’s mums have had a lovely Mother’s Day.   As promised, we will be using K’Nex to make a fairground ride in groups.  I am really looking forward to seeing your finished products!  I am very impressed with how well you have all understood simplifying fractions.  We will be carrying on with this, before moving onto multiplying a 3-digit number by a one digit number.  With Mrs Hughes, you will be writing biographies based on our famous Victorians.  For Science, we will be planning and conducting an investigation based on shadows.  In R.E., we will be using maps to look at the places Jesus travelled to.  We will be using our creative writing skills to write a paragraph to describe being in a workhouse.  In Welsh, we will be carrying on using third person.  Please remember your maths homework (on paper) and reading books tomorrow.  P.E. will be on Tuesday as usual.
Wela di yfory (see you tomorrow).
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Edwards.