Year 5: Week beginning 27 June

Pnawn da,
I hope that you have all had a good weekend.  We really enjoyed our trip on Friday (look out for photos tomorrow).  Tomorrow will be our Sports Day, so remember to come in your P.E. kits and bring plenty of water. Hopefully we will be outside, but if the weather is not good, we will be in the hall.  
At the beginning of the week, we will be thinking about the roles of chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer for the school council.  You will have the opportunity to put yourselves forward for this, writing a short explanation about why you would like to be considered for the role.  We will then hold a class vote next week.  I will also be looking for our new Criw Cymraeg.
Our Maths focus for the week will be percentages, decimals and fractions and how they link together.  We enjoyed reading the first two chapters of our book.  We have discussed the main character Finn and will use this information to write a character analysis.  In Science, we will be starting to learn about the different states of materials, evaporating, condensing, boiling and freezing.  On Friday, we will be visiting our Prayer Stations in the hall.  
Thursday is our Transition Day, when we will be spending the day in Year 6, we will still be going swimming in the morning.  The focus for the day is one of our values – friendship.
We did not take reading books home on Thursday and did not have homework.  I will hand out books/homework earlier this week to give a longer opportunity to finish your reading books.  This will be the last week for homework/reading books in Year 5.
See you all tomorrow,
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Edwards.