Year 5: Week beginning 23rd September


This week we will be continuing our work based on The Witches by Roald Dahl. Like last week we will be looking at the language used, but this time we will use a thesaurus to select alternative words.

In maths we will continue with addition and subtraction, practising various mental strategies and written methods.

In science we will be looking at day and night in more detail.

Next in our water topic we will be learning about the water cycle. I wonder if anyone will remember any of the terms from our song last week 🎶

In RE we will be looking at how the church is like a family, exploring different ‘families’ you belong to, e.g. football clubs, brownies etc.

Indoor PE on Monday will challenge pupils with some teamwork problems. Then during outdoor PE on Wednesday we’ll continue with netball.

We hope that you’re all enjoying your weekend and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Miss Harper, Mrs Edwards and Miss Scott