Year 5: Week beginning 20 September

Pnawn da pawb,
I hope that you have enjoyed your weekend.
This week, our focus in Maths is – 
*Making numbers by splitting them into thousands, hundreds, tens and units.
*Rearranging numbers to make the largest or smallest you can.
*Column addition.
With Mrs Hughes, you will be reading more from ‘Homework from Pluto’ and looking at Jon’s homework
and annotating the features.
Our Mars Rover set us some challenges this week.  We will be carrying on with these.  We will be listening to more music from ‘The Planets’.  Also, we will be finding out about how we have day and night and the seasons.  For R.E. we will be looking at how we are part of God’s family.
See you all tomorrow.
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Edwards.