Year 5: Week beginning 12 September

Pnawn da Blwyddyn 5.
This week, our focus in Maths will be place value, writing numbers in words and figures, explaining the value of numbers and recognising which numbers are bigger.  
After reading more of ‘Homework on Pluto’, we will be researching Pluto and then writing a letter in the role of Jon.  We will be starting to learn about music called ‘The planets’ by Holst.  We will begin by researching Holst and writing a biography.  Following this, we will listen to part of the music, drawing how the music makes us feel.  We will learn about the sizes and distances between the Earth, our sun and moon.  I am really pleased with how well everyone is doing using our ‘mat iaith’ (language mat) for Welsh, we will continue to build on our phrases this week.
Don’t forget P.E. kits on Tuesday.
See you all tomorrow.
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Edwards.