Year 5: Week beginning 11 October

Pnawn da pawb.
I was so impressed with your work last week in the role of Neil Armstrong.  I really enjoyed reading them. 
This week, we will be continuing with the frog method for subtraction and choosing which subtraction strategy to use.  We will also be recapping our times tables. 
After reading more of ‘Homework on Pluto’, we will be writing a non-chronological report about Pluto.  We will be discussing who has had a significant impact on space exploration, researching and writing a biography.  We will find out about new technology in our lives because of space travel. 
Friday is our Values day – our focus is thankfulness.  We will be drawing what we are grateful for and making a heart.  We will finish painting our clay leaf printing too.
Wela di yfory (see you tomorrow)
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Edwards.