Year 5: Wednesday 25th March

Bore da!

I hope that you’re all getting on well and are making the most of the extra time at home with your families.

You might have done a couple of pages of your multiplication book. You can always make a multiplication grid or ask someone to do some mental maths with you. You could make a list of 10 multiplication sums and see who can answer them first.

I look forward to seeing your Erddig Hall leaflets, maybe now you could plan an event for visitors. You could look on their website for ideas, think back to what we did there in December or think of your own. Once you have your idea, you could make a poster to advertise it.

This week you might want to start planning a design for your musical instrument and start collecting materials you’ll need to make it.

I will set some more ‘2 dos’ on PurpleMash to keep you busy.

Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend, I will update again on Monday morning.

Have fun and and look after each other,

Miss Harper