Year 5: Wednesday 10th June

Bore da,

We hope that you have all had a good start to the week.


On Monday I did not set new maths work to give some of you the time you needed to do some activities that you had not completed. A big well done for all of your hard work. You have been amazing!

Here is your work for the rest of the week.


Dydd Mercher

Nod y wers – To use column addition to add two three-digit numbers.

Dydd Iau

PowerPoint – Money game

Dydd Gwener

Nod y wers – To add amounts of money together using column addition (pounds and pence).

This is a fun activity where pupils have to plan a Friday Pizza Night.



Dydd Iau – Listen to the next chapter of our class reader book.

Dydd Gwener

Nod y wers – To reflect on chapter 6 and generate your own ideas.


Nod y wersTo investigate which surfaces reflect light.

*Worksheet attached and added to Google Classroom. Follow the link and record your ideas from the three prompts.

Good luck with these new activities and we hope you enjoy them,


Miss Harper, Mrs Edwards and Miss Scott