Year 5: Thursday 13th May

We are having a busy week in year 5.
In themau we have been learning about Victorian children. We now know about Victorian schools and how children at their age would quite often leave their homes to start working. They have started to write a diary imagining that it is 1840 and they are ten years old.
In maths we have been learning about prime numbers and factors. This has been a bit of a challenge but they are persevering with it.
In English we have new spellings for the week, with an online activity to support this. Words will be tested again on Friday. We are also enjoying reading Gangsta Granny. We found speech from the book and recognised the punctuation rules that we learnt about last week. Next, we will be practicing out persuasive language.
For RE this week we watched an online service from the diocese of St Asaph. It was to celebrate 400 years since the Bible was translated to Welsh.
I would also like to remind you that the blue reading diaries need to be returned each week so I can see what they have read at home.
Thank you,
Miss Harper and Mrs Edwards