Year 5: Plans for next week

Pnawn da,

This is some information for you about your online learning tasks next week.

All tasks are set on Google Classroom.

Each day we will have a Zoom meeting. 

The link to the zoom meetings will also be posted on Google Classroom.

Monday’s tasks

1. Maths – use doubling and halving.

2. Retell the Christmas story.

3.Use the mat iaith

Tuesday’s tasks

1. Maths – find the perimeter.

2. Compare and contrast Christmas in the Victorian times with today.

3. Review your favourite film using Flipgrid.

Wednesday’s tasks

1. Maths – calculate the area of rectangles.

2. Review of the film ‘A Christmas Carol’.

3. JamBoard – What have you enjoyed doing this term?

Please work through each day’s activities in any order that you like. Either complete them on the documents provided on Google Classroom or do them on paper and then take a photograph and upload it to Google Classroom. 

We will be available to contact via Google Classroom every day so please pop a message on the task or send me a private message and I will get back to you.

If you are having trouble accessing Google Classroom please refer to the help sheet on the school website or contact school vie email or on the office number .

🖥️Zoom Meetings🖥

Monday- 10:00

Tuesday- 9:30

Wednesday- 10:00

The link and details for each day’s zoom will be posted on Google Classroom. Please follow the link to join the meeting. You will be asked to wait in the waiting room and will be admitted to the meeting by your teacher. If possible, please can you change your name to show the pupils names or family name so that we can see who we are admitting to the meetings. Please make sure that you have your video on as we want to be able to see you. However, please leave your microphones on mute unless you are speaking. Again, if you have any problems with accessing the Zoom meetings please get in touch with school.

We hope you enjoy your tasks and we are looking forward to seeing you all on zoom. Thank you to all parents and carers for your support once again with the home learning tasks.  We appreciate all your support.

Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Leighton and Mrs Edwards.