Year 5: Monday 8th June

Bore da,

We hope that you have all had a fun weekend.


Don’t worry if you have work that you have not completed yet, you can go back to it and work from there. Just take your time, try your best and remember to ask me if you need any support. I have seen that most of you are still working on our maths from last week. I do not want to move on until you are ready. I will not add more maths until Wednesday but if you would like more, I will send you a challenge to complete.

Here is your work for the start of this new week.


Dydd Llun – Listen to the next chapter of our class reader book.

Dydd Mawrth – Nod y wers – To rewrite an extract from chapter 5, adding the correct punctuation.


Nod y wersTo investigate which surfaces reflect light.

*Worksheet attached and added to Google Classroom. Follow the link and record your ideas from the three prompts.

The new work will updated on Wednesday.

Good luck with these new activities and we hope you enjoy them,


Miss Harper, Mrs Edwards and Miss Scott