Year 5: Monday 8th January

Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week. It is also our last week before half term. We would like to thank you for all of your hard work and effort over the last six weeks.
This week we will be learning:
English = We will continue creating our own myths based in Ruabon. We are looking at the building blocks of myths and legends and working through them, step by step, to write our own stories.
Maths = We are starting the week looking at temperatures. This is the final aspect of our measures lessons. Towards the end of the week there will be problem solving work where you need to select the correct skills to find the answers.
Science = In science we are learning about the three different wires in a cable and what the inside of a plug looks like. This lesson has been prepared by myself and a year 5 pupil, will the help from his dad. 
Topic = This is the final week of our topic. We will be asking questions and having some ‘challenge time’ to answer the ones we haven’t covered in the topic. Also this gives us a chance to find out about things that interest us and to share it with the class.
RE = We will be having a bible story and learning about lent. We will be thinking about what we might give up for lent as well as something we can do as a whole class.
Welsh = We are going to practise answering questions using flipgrid.
Let’s have another great week and work hard before we can rest our brains next week.
Remember to ask us for any help during the school day if you are unsure of anything. We are always here to help,
Miss Harper and Mrs Edwards