Year 5: Monday 22nd February

Good morning year 5!
We hope that you have had a well-deserved rest this week and got chance to do some nice things.
This week in maths we are going to be learning about averages. This is a new skill that we have not learnt about before, but we have made is as simple as possible and we will build on it when we return to school.
In our English lessons we will be carrying on with our myths and legends work. You have got our third ‘quick write’ activity today then we will continue working on our stories. We are excited to see what happens next!
We will be starting our new topic which is all about The Victorians. This is a great topic and we are sure you will all find it interesting and fun.
In RE we will be working up to the Easter story. Before half-term we learnt about Lent. This week we will be sharing what you are all giving up or aim to do during lent. We willvalso have a bible story.
In Welsh we will be working with the matiau iath to revise asking and answering questions. Then we will have our ‘Feel Good Friday’ to reward ourselves for the hard work during the week.
Remember to ask us if you are unsure or would like support with anything.
Miss Harper and Mrs Edwards