Year 5: Monday 1st June

Bore da,

We hope that you have all had a lovely week and made the most of the beautiful weather. We hope that you took a break from your school work and are now ready to begin again.

Don’t worry if you have work that you have not completed yet, you can go back to it and work from there. Just take your time, try your best and remember to ask me if you need any support.

Here is your work for the start of this new week.


Dydd Llun – Nod y wers: To create an informative magazine article. This work is linked to the video for chapter 3 (if you have not watched it yet, do not worry. When you have watched it remember to ‘hand in’ and write a short comment). I would like you to create a magazine article about anything that interests you. Ben loves reading his Plumbing Weekly magazine. When I was younger I read magazines called Smash Hits and Top of the Pops where I would learn more about my favourite singers and bands. I also used to enjoy reading different magazines about horse riding.

You can pick any topic you are interested in and create a magazine article about it. I am very excited to read these!


Dydd Mawrth – Listen to chapter 4.


Nod y wersTo understand the properties of triangles, find that angles in a triangle have a total of 180°, devise and test a rule to work out a missing angle.

Dydd Llun (part 1):

  • Triangles have 3 sides and 3 interior angles.
  • The sum of the angles inside a triangle ALWAYS total 180°.
  • The interior angles can be acute, obtuse or right-angles.

    Task) We have learnt about angles in class during our maths lesson. In the space below, show me what is meant by acute, obtuse and right-angles triangles.

    Dydd Mawrth (part 2):

    Finding the missing angle worksheet.

    The new work will be posted on Wednesday including science and RE. I will also be adding to our Wildlife Detectives topic on Google Classroom as I now have chicks and will share their progress with you.

Good luck with these new activities and we hope you enjoy them,


Miss Harper, Mrs Edwards and Miss Scott