Year 5: Monday 1st February

Good morning year 5 and welcome to another week.
Thank you for your continued efforts. We loved seeing your work on Friday based on our day topic about the Big Garden Birdwatch. If you did anything else around this at the weekend we’d love to hear about it.
This week we will be learning about:
Maths = How to measure capacity using litres and millilitres. How to weigh using grams and kg. Please watch the videos carefully and follow our instructions.
English = We begin the week by listening to the story of Medusa and Athena. There is a video with a little surprise at the end! Then we will have 2 more activities based on myths and legends, before a lesson about exciting sentences on Friday.
Science = This week in science we are starting to learn to recognise the symbols used when drawing electrical circuits. There is a game we would like you to play before following the lesson using BBC bitesize. 
Themau = This week we will be comparing Llandudno and Manarola. Next week will be our final week learning about coasts. Then after half term we will begin our new topic, The Victorians.
RE = Thursday will be our values day all about compassion. So we will be doing activities on this subject throughout the day. 
You have all been working so hard, so let’s work as a team and keep it up for another two weeks. 
Thank you,
Miss Harper and Mrs Edwards